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The sensational revelations of a secret U.S. program to monitor global communications.

by on July 15, 2013


The former consultant of the powerful U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) Mr. Edward Snowden is the source of sensational revelations about a secret U.S. program to monitor global communications. The case around the U.S. intelligence agency Mr. Edward Snowden made ​​waves all around the world especially in Europe. (1)


The system used by USA to spy the world via technological communications – espionage, has blur Trans atlantics relations. The European Union (UE) has angered and public opinion called for a temporary suspension of negotiations between the EU and the United States on a free trade agreement, because of revelations about spying on Americans in Europe.


The case of espionage in European, Asian and others by the United States has caused countries indignant reactions of the political class and public opinion throughout the media. While the case looks like a political crisis on both sides of the Atlantic


The crisis takes place after the incident when Bolivian President regains La Paz (capital city of Bolivia) but the aircraft was forced to land in Vienna. America and allies are believed that Bolivian President to have brought Edward Snowden with him that the reason several European countries had banned the aircraft to fly over their airspace (2).


The non-respectability of diplomacy and on name of the principle that of all states are equal, the unfair decision Europeans sates when Bolivian President Evo Morales, from Moscow, had to make a forced call 13 hours in Vienna after several European countries had banned the aircraft to fly over their airspace. “Bolivia says European nations ‘kidnapped’ Evo Morales in hunt for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden”(4).  But the assertion that Edward Snowden was aboard the presidential plane was denied by La Paz and the authorities at the airport in Vienna, after Austrian police came to control aboard the aircraft after its occupants had left, in agreement with the pilot and Evo Morales, but the plane was searched, because there was no legal reason for a search,

It is a historical incident also provocation against Bolivia and throughout Latin America. “Bolivia accused European nations of an ‘act of aggression’ for refusing to allow the plane of its President Evo Morales’ to travel in their airspace because of rumors that the US fugitive, Edward Snowden, was on board”(4). The diplomatic imbroglio occurred a few hours after Mr. Morales said on the sidelines of a visit to Moscow that his country was ready to host the fugitive wanted by the United States, which he now in a refugee airport in Moscow.

While disturbing revelations because of the espionage that the European Union was a victim from the U.S. Secret Service, many individuals are in favor of a significant European reaction. Several wish including the suspension of controversial trade negotiations. (3)


Nevertheless President Morales received the support of its allies in Latin America. But other side

the United States said have good hope that the ex-consultant of the NSA returned to the United States to face judgment.

In conclusion, Snowden has and will undermined employing young Americans in similar post and has done unprecedented harm to National Security and undermined American Diplomatic standings around the World and what has he gained!!! No one man’s rights is greater than that of a Nation




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